Effertz EZ Ranch

Aberdeen Cattle Since 1996

Doing more with less.

After one of our toughest winters, we are facing one of our driest springs. Our grass is extremely short and brown yet our Aberdeens are carrying excellent flesh and milking extremely well. Since we began raising them 20 years ago, our Aberdeens have allowed us to double the number of cows we raise on the same number of acres. Without a doubt these smaller framed cattle have dramatically influenced our bottom line both by increasing revenue but also by reducing costs and labor.

A purebred Aberdeen who is always in good shape and always weans more than 50% of her body weight – more pounds per acre.

A heaving milking Aberdeen Moderator with a powerful Sundance heifer calf. We are particularly aware of the efficiency of these smaller framed cows in a year like this.

Deep bodied and big barreled, this All Jacked Up first calf heifer has the fleshing ability and feed conversion we’re looking for.

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We have North Dakota Aberdeens, which were previously known as North Dakota Lowline Cattle or North Dakota Lowlines.